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Information on Hot Flashes

All instances of the hot flashes, both in women and in men are always caused by hormonal problems and imbalances. Women experience hot flashes during the menopause because of imbalanced levels of estrogen. Hot flashes that affect male persons are associated with certain testosterone problems. The levels of testosterone get decreased but in most cases it is a gradual process that takes years in order to be noticed.

The exception to this rule addresses men who have prostate cancer and need androgen deprivation therapy. Reduction of hormone production can be helpful in some cases as a temporary measure which boosts the efficiency of radiation therapy. The treatment involves the use of injections or drugs, but in the past it had to be done by using surgical castration.

The patients who need to receive androgen deprivation therapy usually suffer from hot flashes. Hypothalamus is located in the brain and its purpose is to control the temperature in the human body. The blood vessels get wider, and the flushing occurs, only to be followed by excessive sweating in order to cool the body off.

Symptoms and Treatment

Hot flashes can be characterized by sudden occurrences of excess warmth and flushing which affect the head and the trunk. Excess sweating and redness are also very common in most cases of hot flashes. These occurrences almost always happen during the night and they usually do not last for more than just a few minutes.

They are always followed by excessive amounts of cold sweats. In some cases it may also be accompanied by palpitations, anxiety or irritability. Most patients recover from hot flashes in a few months after the end of the androgen deprivation therapy. Certain rare cases may last up to several years after the stopping of the treatment.

The treatment for hot flashes in women usually relied on hormone replacement therapy but this method is known of causing certain serious medical conditions in some cases.

Other remedies may include antihypertensive medications, vitamins and soy products but they have only been helpful with a small number of cases. Some studies have shown that female hormones can be very efficient in treating hot flushes in men. Certain side effects such as breast tenderness and breast swelling may occur in some cases.

Some other side effects may include weight gain, abdominal bloating and an increase in PSA levels. Antidepressants can be much more efficient and only certain rare cases have involved side effects such as increased blood pressure and sexual dysfunction. Certainseizure medications can also be helpful in some cases.

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