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Most women experience hot flashes at some points in their lives. This is usually when they reach menopause. Then, along with constant mood change and many other different fits, they, quite frequently experience the heat sensation accompanied by sweating and facial redness. This sensation usually comes and goes, but lasts for the whole menopausal period while in some women can constantly feel this unpleasant sensation. Fortunately, there are certain herbs which can help women in their enduring of all the symptoms menopause has brought upon them.

Natural Remedies

One of the best and most used herbs to fight off hot flashes is black cohosh. The root of this herb is rich with substances which regulate estrogen levels in women, thus getting rid of many of the symptoms connected with PMS, menstruation and menopause. Many choose this herb over the popular hormone replacementtherapy.

Red clover and wild yam are excellent when fighting the menopausal symptoms. Besides reducing and preventing hot flashes these may boost one's sexual urges, reduce blood clotting and also have many other positive influences on a woman's health.

The popular dong quai, a herb originating from Asia, has already proven its efficiency in balancing menstrual cycles and stopping hot flashes during menopause many times before. It also heals some vaginal and bladder problems.

Dosage and Possible Combinations

Even though combining some herbs may be dangerous and cause many unwanted effects, these mentioned above work perfectly together. Even more, instead of experimenting on your own, you may rest assured that these will most certainly be all you will need when fighting these menopausal problems.

Since right combining and dosage are a must, it is often better to seek for products made for these purposes instead of trying to make them on your own. This way you will save money since these herbs may be hard to find and expensive on a longer scale of usage. Rather, by informing yourself and finding medications made from these herbs you will certainly benefit more. After knowing about all the positive effects the above mentioned herbs have, you are surely aware what you are looking for when choosing these types of medications and supplements.

Finally, seeking professional advice is always a good solution since doctors may explain further benefits of some medications and prescribe you the best ones while making you perfectly aware of their qualities or possible drawbacks. All in all, get informed, be careful and choose the cure that fits you best.

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