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Information on Hot Flashes

Some women are more likely to suffer from hot flashes than others. Those whose ovaries are surgically removed are more prone to hot flashes than other women. The main cause of this is estrogen imbalance. Menopause usually kicks in during the fifties, because the estrogen dominates the hormonal balance and the levels of progesterone get significantly decreased.

The nature, duration, onset, frequency and severity of hot flash may be significantly different from woman to woman. Menopause can sometimes alter a woman’s everyday life and it can be extremely painful at times.

The discomforts of menopause are usually triggered by lifestyle and the diet. The four primary ingredients responsible for the occurrence of hot flashes are caffeine, spices, alcohol and sweets. Hot flashes are also commonly associated with an increased blood pressure. The prescribed drugs that are used for the treatment of high blood pressure may also contribute to the occurrence of hot flashes.

It is an interesting fact that women in Asia are the least susceptible to hot flashes during menopause. Women who are in the stage of menopause need to cut down the consumption of chocolate significantly because it contains both sugar and caffeine which are known to be some of the triggers of hot flashes.

Details about Hot Flashes

Hot flashes can be really painful and they are also characterized by an increased temperature. Anxiety is also common during the attacks. The attacks of hot flashes usually last up to three minutes. A hot flash attack usually involves sudden warmth of the upper body and a reddened neck and face. Due to the perspiration, the body temperature gets increased. Sometimes due to the speed of changes in the body temperature a chill may be felt after the attack.

All women try to find the best way to cope with the sudden attacks of hot flashes. Hot flashes are actually the leading symptoms of menopause and it causes numerous discussions.

Hot flashes can be simply unbearable for some women as they cause and enormous social and emotional strain. It may affect the way a woman interacts with her family and the social circles she belongs to on a daily basis.

There are numerous misconceptions about menopause and its symptoms. Menopause and peri-menopause are characterized by certain symptoms such as insomnia, urinary incontinence, rapid heart rate, hot flashes, vaginal dryness and night sweats. Menopause is actually caused by vasomotor instability.

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