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Hot flashes are sudden waves of body heat that a woman experiences due to the intense hormonal changes she goes through, most likely as the result of menopause. While they are sometimes pretty mild and last only for a couple of seconds, other times they can be very uncomfortable and last up to about an hour.

Some women are able to simply accept this issue and deal with it, but others have no choice but to seek some ways to relieve the hot flashes. The option everyone is familiar with is hormonal therapy, which includes bringing the level of hormones in a good balance, whether it consists of decreasing their number or giving additional hormones to the patient. However, this is not the only way to relieve the symptoms of hot flashes and most people find the natural ways of coping with them much more acceptable.

Introducing soy into the diet in order to decrease the hot flashes

As probably all the women going through menopause are familiar with, the condition presents itself with a significant drop in the levels of estrogen in the body. But what some of them might not know is that soy is a natural source of the hormone estrogen, and an abundant one at that. Introducing soy products into the diet of a woman going through menopause is not just highly recommended, but it might also be regarded as necessary. Its benefits are great and help soothe the raging hormonal changes considerably.

And if on top that the woman quits consuming caffeine, alcohol and hot spices, she may go through menopause with as little unpleasantness as possible.

Introducing regular physical activity in order to decrease the hot flashes

Physicalactivity, and particularly the cardio exercise, has proven to be very efficient in reducing the frequency as well as the intensity of hot flashes. That may not sound like a very logical method, being that exercising only increases the heat and the sweating, but it is a fact that exercising is, in fact, quite an effective method. If one is still skeptical, they should at least try it out once, as the results will be visible so much as after the shower.

Introducingnutritious supplements in order to decrease the hot flashes

Just like anything else that requires restoring the natural balance, there are also supplements that can be consumed in order to restore the hormonal balance to such an extent as to help the reduction of hot flashes. Vitamin E and Black Cohosh are the best choices of supplements to achieve this.

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