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The main cause of yeast infection of any kind is a microorganism called candida albicans. This microorganism continuously exists in our body, but their multiplication is what eventually leads to various yeast infections. Poor nutrition, weakened immune system, changes in the hormonal level, antibiotics and birth control pills are only some of the factors which may contribute to candida albicans increased number. This infection affects both men and women, though women are affected more frequently, and vaginal yeast infection or vaginitis is the most common infection with women, which is caused by this microorganism.

When it comes to homeopathy, there are number of remedies which may help in treating this condition. It should be mentioned that they have the best effect if they are suggested by a professional homeopath, who will take into consideration all the symptoms before suggesting the most appropriate one and its dosage.

Since the main purpose is to provide some basic information on this alternative way of treating this condition, not all the remedies will be mentioned here, but for more details, it would be best to check the internet.

Borax is used for yeast infections of the vagina, when the main symptoms are discharge resembling egg white and the feeling of warm water flowing out.

Calcarea carbonica is suggested for the conditions which are followed by itching and burning before of after the menstrual period, and the vaginal discharge is either milky or thick and yellow.

Kreosotum is indicated for vaginal yeast infection followed by unpleasant smelling and very irritating and watery discharge which causes itching and swelling. The symptoms may be worse in the morning.

Pulsatilla can be prescribed for various symptoms, since they can be changeable. Often irritating yellowish or creamy white discharge appears when this remedy is suggested. Soaring, burning or itching may be some of the symptoms as well. This remedy is often used with pregnant women who have a yeast infection.

Sulphur is helpful with yellowish and offensive-smelling discharge, which causes burning and itching. Warmth and bathing worsen the symptoms.

As we have already said, these are only some of the remedies which are used in treating yeast infections, but if the chosen remedy does not bring any relief within an expected period of time, or if it does not show any positive effects on the treatment, then another remedy should be chosen instead.

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