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Candida albicans is a yeast normally found living on the skin, vagina and in the lower parts of digestive tract. Our immune system regulates the growth of this yeast, and as long as we are healthy nothing happens. Use of antibiotics, steroid hormones or immunosuppressant medications, and also some environmental factors or too much sugar in our diet disturb our immunity and lead to yeast overgrowth. The condition is also called candidiasis.

Women suffer frequently from yeast infections. The most common are vaginal infections, followed by redness, itching and irritation and usually white or yellow discharge. Patients may experience fever, change in the smell of the discharge or the infection could last more than a week. If that happens, it might be some other infection than yeast, so it’s the best to consult your doctor.

Homeopathic Remedies for Candida Albicans

Homeopaths recommend borax for patients whose yeast infections looks like egg white. The person has a feeling that warm water is going out. The infection appears between menstrual periods, and patients are often sensitive to noisy environment and experience anxiety.

Calcarea carbonica is a remedy for thick, milky, or yellow discharge. Vaginitis is present before and after the period. Patients are usually fat or chubby, have sweet tooth and easily get tired from any physical activity.

When the yeast infection presents as watery and smelly discharge homeopathic practitioners may use kreosotum. Standing up, especially in the morning may worsen the itching. Symptoms appear before the period or in the pregnancy.

Natrium muriaticum is used in egg white discharge, which leaves dry and irritated vagina. This remedy is suitable for reserved and emotional women, sometimes having salty cravings. Symptoms worsen when the person is exposed to sunlight.

Homeopaths use sepia to treat white, curdlike or yellow and itchy discharge. These women might be nervous and short-tempered, and usually have cold limbs. Walking and early morning may aggravate the symptoms.

Kali bichromicum is used when the itching and burning is the worst in the morning. The discharge is yellow and quite persistent. Resting and being warmed relieve the symptoms.

Sulphur is used when a woman experience yellowish, unpleasant smelling discharge. Vaginitis causes intense itching, but the symptoms might be relieved by bathing and warming up.

Pulsatilla is used to treat variable vaginitis symptoms and also pregnancy yeast infections. Women treated with this remedy are usually moody and emotionally dependent.

The homeopathic practitioner will advise the best remedy for your condition. The frequency and the dose are individually adjusted for every single patient, so follow the prescription carefully. If the condition doesn’t improve for some time you should consult your homeopath.

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