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Yeast overgrowth involves the accumulation of microbes which impairs the natural balance in the human body. The most common of these microorganisms is Candida albicans, which is a regular inhabitant of the human body. It requires a certain dose of bacteria and fungus, provided that they are in balance. Due to the frequent use of antibiotics, contraceptives, steroids, anti-ulcer drugs, or bad diet, excessive eating sugar, hormonal disorders and decline in immunity, these microorganisms multiply and cause various health problems. Yeast infections attack vaginal environment, oral cavity, urinary tract, intestines or even toenails and fingers. Women, who are exposed to stressful situations, often use antibiotics, not sleep enough, who are pregnant or suffering from diseases such as diabetes and infections caused by the decline of immunity, will have more chances of getting a vaginal yeast infection.

Symptoms of vaginal yeast infection can be: itching and burning in the area of the vagina, aqueous or thick white or yellow cheesy discharge and pain and irritation during urination and sexual intercourse. Also it can appear redness, swelling or damage of vaginal skin.

Fungal infection isn’t a sexually transmitted disease, due to Candida albicans is continuously present resident of vaginal flora. However, in rare cases it can cause irritations of penis after sexual intercourse.

Yeast infection is usually acute and harmless. However, there are cases known as repeating, boring, very persistent and embarrassing yeast infection. Regardless of any drugs prescribed by a gynecologist it just can’t go. In this case, approaches to alternative ways of the treatment and a yogurt is one of them. Home treatment of yeast infection by yogurt is a simple procedure. All that is needed for this treatment is plain sugarless yogurt with live active cultures and tampon. Tampon should be soaked into the yogurt and pushed into the vagina on the same way as when a woman is menstruating. Tampon is left to stand for several hours inside the vagina. During this period recommends inaction or wearing sanitary pads to catch yogurt excess. Repeating this procedure for several days in a row is the best way to maintain the natural balance of bacterial in the vaginal flora. Given that there are women who do not like to use tampons, they apply another way of using yogurt in treating yeast infections. They can fill the syringe or turkey baster with yogurt and embedded it into the vagina. The effects of these two methods are absolutely the same except that the latter method makes a much bigger mess which means that it’s necessary to use a sanitary napkin for yogurt leakage from the vagina.

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