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Homeopathy and Tension Headaches

When it comes to the most frequently occurring types of headaches, the above named is the most certainly the one that tops the list. Such headaches are most often ranging from mild to moderate, when it comes to pain that follows them, and that particular pain resembles the one when your head is pressed tightly by a hair band or some similar band. Unfortunately, especially for those who suffer from them on regular basis, the primary culprits of this particular type of headaches are not yet fully comprehended and thus remain in the dark. But most of the factors that influence their occurrence are fortunately well-known.

Foods that initiate tension headaches are:ChocolateCheeseMonosodium glutamate (MSG), Those containing the amino acid tyramine (found in red wine, aged cheese, smoked fish, chicken livers, figs, and some beans)Nuts

Treatment Methods

As far as the treatment is concerned, there exist numerous methods at one’s disposal. Regarded as fairly common is the treatment by use of over-the-counter medications and drugs. If a person suffering from a tension headache feels uneasy with those or is not particularly in favor of such type of treatment, there are also other ways that can aid a person ward this unpleasant companion off for good. Among those more simple and unconventional, but extremely effective treatment methods, homeopathy is regarded as the most effective one. It is most helpful when it comes to alleviating and treating those symptoms that follow a tension headache each and every step of the way.

Magnesia Phosphorica & Bryonia – the former remedy, homeopathic in nature, is found to be particularly effective in treating just about any different variation of a headache in question. It does so by relaxing and loosening up a bit the otherwise tight muscles. It can also be combined with various other homeopathic remedies for a better effect. The latter’s specialty are tension headaches that have the onset in the forehead area and that, as the time goes by, spread all the way to the rest of the head, causing occurrence of pain when moving. Also what should be known is that person who suffers from a tension headache and treats it by the use of this particular remedy, is most likely to experience constipation as a side effect. Nux Vomica & Ignatia – the former is particularly effective with those types of headaches that occur due to a lot of stress or due to the occurrence of a food related allergy and food hypersensitivity. It is also effective in treating headaches for which the main culprits are alcohol and other similar stimulants. As possible side effects, there might occur an increased sensitivity to light and loud noise. The latter is most helpful in treating the type of tension headaches, which is directly related to occurrence of the spasms in the neck or back area.

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