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Sinus related headaches – facts

Not one type of headache a person can find to be pleasant, particularly not those originating from clogged sinuses, because they are among the most unpleasant and painful ones. They are recognisable because of the symptoms such as deep throbbing pain, dull in character, which concentrates in the front area of your head, and also the face. Main culprits are, of course, sinus inflammations. Because of their troublesome nature, moving or doing something like leaning and bending only ads up to the general pain and makes them more unbearable. Another downside is that they are there to greet you immediately after you open your eyes in the morning. Upside is that, as the day goes by, they often have the tendency to ease off a bit. Since they resemble migraines and tension headaches because of the similar symptoms, they are often pretty hard to identify straight away.

Telltale Symptoms

This type of headaches is generally recognised by the presence of the commonly occurring symptoms such as:

pain enhanced by putting pressure to the specific area of one’s head, i.e. face,when feeling up one’s face, it is pretty soft to the touch,when a person wants to move, especially in a sudden manner, pain increases in intensity enormously,morning time is the time when the overall pain is extremely increased,unexpected changes in one’s body temperature occur, which also ads up to the present pain, headache occurs most of all when there is a cold present, or after the one has just passed,sore throat,inflamed and clogged nasal passages,extreme fatigue.

As far as the causes are concerned, the reason number one is related to the clogged sinuses and also inflammation of the sinuses. Factors that contribute to the increased risk of developing the headaches in question are history of allergies or even asthma, flying/climbing to extreme heights, diving or swimming on a regular basis, and also the presence of nasal polyps.

Treatment – How To?

Since at the bottom of this particular headache lie sinus inflammation and sinus related health issues, the best possible means to treat it and also avoid it, is by treating the cause of it first, i.e. sinusitis. Related to this are therapies that include corticosteroids and antibiotics, as well and serious modifications to your lifestyle, such as starting to use a humidifier and saline nasal spray. It is also recommended to embrace inhalation at least two to four times per day, to treat allergy attacks or asthma as soon as possible, and to learn some relaxation techniques. Medications include nasal corticosteroids, Fluticasone (such as Flonase), Triacinolone (such as Nasacort), Mometasone (such as Nasonex) and, Beclomethasone (such as Beconase).

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