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The process of the infection that can be located in the area on the sinus cavities is called sinusitis. It actually affects the mucous membranes in the inside part of the cavities, which are filled with the blood vessels. This condition can be very annoying since there is usually the excessive production of mucus and it is often followed by disturbing symptoms such as headache in the mentioned area.

Sinusitis is most commonly treated with the prescribed antibiotics (which kill the bacteria that caused the infection), but, fortunately, it can be treated with the home remedies that can provide the same effect. Nevertheless, the home treatment is less radical and, which is even more important, the negative side-effects of the medications are excluded. Also, another problem of the medication is that they can’t be consumed for a long period of time.

So, in the case of the at-home treatment, the most important thing is to soften the thick mucus which was making the blockage and the congestion of the nose, and make it fluid so that it could be blown out. This blockage is very likely to cause the sinus infection, and because of that, it is good to stop it before it happens.

In order to soften the thick amount of accumulated mucus, the inhalation of the steam of the inhalers (e.g. peppermint, apple cider vinegar, or eucalyptus) is very beneficial. Also, if the inhalation is too difficult to be performed, one could heat up the already packed solution that can be bought in pharmacies and put it on the sinuses.

Treating the sinuses with the warmth should be combined with applying something cold on the area of sinuses so that the blood vessels of the inside would be reduced and thus the symptom of headache relieved.

Drinking a lot of water and washing out the cavities with it are both very beneficial for the treatment of sinusitis. The washing out is, in fact, the activity of inhaling and exhaling a little amount of warm, and sometimes salty water. And, as far as the intake of water is concerned, it is highly important to keep the organism well hydrated.

Along with that, the attention should be paid on the supporting of the immune system with the nutrients such as the supplements of vitamins and minerals and the groceries that contain a lot of antioxidants (broccoli, garlic, tomato, spinach, grapes and berries).

And finally, not to forget that one should take enough rest so that the recovery process would last shorter.

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