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Nasal Congestion – indicators

This condition is also known as stuffy nose, as well as blocked nose. It occurs once nasal passage becomes clogged because of the swelling of the mucus membranes, located inside the nose. It can fairly negatively influence and impair hearing and speech functions in a person suffering from this type of congestion, whereas in more severe cases, clogging can have a negative effect on the person’s sleep, it can bring about excessive snoring and also cause sleep apnea (condition in which a person experiences brief episodes of not breathing). As far as target groups are concerned, when it comes to elderly people and adults, it is more of a rather unpleasant nuisance, but when it comes to infants, it can be much more serious in nature. One of the primary reasons for this is that infants do breathe through the nose, and such conditions as nasal clogging can have negative consequences later on in their life.

Main Culprits

As already mentioned, the most suitable conditions that enable the occurrence of nasal clogging or congestion are when nose-lining membranes become swollen and inflamed. Just like its accomplice in crime – runny nose, nasal clogging is initiated by a number of factors such as sinus related infections, flu, colds and various allergies. Other common culprits are nasal sprays and drops, due to abuse and overuse. When viewed from the medical point of view, in most cases the underlying cause is a virus, which goes away by itself in a week of time.

Nature to Nurse

Origano Oil is the one remedy that has been considered as one of the most effective healers of sinuses and related conditions, as well as lung congestion. Its main contribution is in boosting our immune system and, thus helping it fight off viruses and other threats more efficiently. Preparation: 2 to 3 drops of this oil combined with some juice, to be drunk on a daily basis. Results can be seen in no more than three to five days. Tea Tree Oil. Given the nature of its contents, this type of oil is an extremely beneficial natural remedy, especially for fighting off the following three types of problematic organisms: virus, bacteria and fungus. One of the best treatment techniques includes inhalation of this particular oil in order to unclog the nasal passages. Preparation: 3 to 4 drops of this oil to be put in 1 cup of water brought to boiling point, and inhale this for, at least, five to ten minutes.

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