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Basic Principles of Homeopathic Medicine

You should know that homeopathic medications do not concentrate on one symptom solely, but, rather, try to cure one's entire body as a whole, thus doing away with all the symptoms by removing an underlying disease or condition. This being said, the following possible homeopathic remedies may not concentrate solely on sleeping or nightmares, but, nevertheless, have the effects or removing nightmares and ensuring a tight and peaceful sleep.

Homeopathic Remedies for Nightmares

Since nightmares, and sleeping disorders in general are usually connected with daily overstraining and exhaustion, arnica may be a good choice for dealing with it. For sleeping disorders manifesting through anxiety during the night, after a day full of drowsiness and being sleepy, arsenicum album presents an ideal choice.

Many cases of nightmares and lack of correct sleep are connected with babies or small children. Also, bed wetting is a problem regarding this age. For all these sleep difficulties and negative side-effects of sleepless or nightmare-driven nights, one may have several solutions like calcerea phosphorica, chamomilla and causticum.

Sometimes, over-exhaustion or excessive amount of anxiety one feels may all interfere with his or her sleep patterns. This group also encompasses inability to sleep due to coffee overdose. However, there are cures for all these symptoms. Namely, coffea and cocculus do the trick here.

In some other cases, daily terrors, frights or frustrations may transfer into your sleep, causing nightmares or insomnia. Ignatia and/or kali phos all act as very good remedies for these purposes.

Menopausal period may negatively influence a woman's sleep. In such cases, lachesis is the right choice.

For serious cases of nightmares, night terrors, talking in sleep or waking up scared with difficulties while falling asleep again, sulphur, sepia, pullsatila and opium are the best homeopathy has to offer.

There are, of course, many other medications in this sphere of alternative medicine, all known to have positive effects on sleep as well as many other spheres of life. However, the ones mentioned above are the most common and most effective ones. Bear in mind that the correct dosage is crucial, and thus make sure you take only adequate quantities of these medications. Also, do not use any essential oils or scents if you are planning on using homeopathic medications since these do not go together and the effect may be nullified. All in all, homeopathy has proven to be extremely valuable when it comes to preserving ones calm, relaxing and regenerating sleep, so chose the medication suiting your needs and symptoms and start enjoying every second of your dreams.

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