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Some people may experience and notice some swelling and inflammation in their ankles and even around their eyes. This can be caused by every day occurrences like a change in salt ingestion, premenstrual stresses, taking part in heavy exercise, sizzling weather, standing for long stages or problems with the circulatory system, all of which are deemed as minor. However sometimes swelling can be caused by more serious issues for example kidney disorders, liver problems, heart diseases, or even certain complications throughout pregnancy. So, it is important to see a doctor if you have any swelling in order for them to, if nothing else, eliminate any of the serious causes. Homeopathic remedies are quite suitable and effective in the assistance of the reduction of any swelling as long as the cause is from the minor list mentioned. If you do decide to try a homeopathic approach, it is recommended that you speak to your doctor first and discuss the particular remedy you are interested in with them because, as with all medications, there can be side effects.

Apis Mellifica and Calcarea Carbonica

If you have swelling under your eyes and it feels quite tight and/or gives you a numb feeling, you can try a remedy called Apis mellifica. This remedy is more suitable for persons that are usually quite irritable and do not often experience thirst. However if you find that you are having swelling in your lower legs, mainly your knees, you may try Calcarea carbonica. This is great for people who are overweight and suffer from tiredness, or have sweaty hands.


If you find that you are a rather clumsy person who drops things on a regular basis and tends to suffer with swelling on all parts of your body, you may find Bovista to be more suitable for you. This is a great solution for women who suffer with water retention when their periods are due. Ferrum Metallicum

However if you find that, after strenuous activities such as heavy workout, during which you have lost a large amount of fluid due to sweating, swelling occurs immediately in your extremities, you might want to consider taking Ferrum metallicum. The sort of person that matches this remedy is the sort of person that gets flushed in the face quickly and may be anemic. By doing some gentle walking coupled with this remedy will help it to work its magic at a quicker rate.

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