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Most of the time if you experience some form of swelling and/or inflammation around your eyes, ankles or in just about any other area of your body it can usually be put down to small stresses such as standing up for too longer period, the heat, premenstrual stress, a change in your salt intake or some heavy lifting. A homeopathic remedy can be used for these minor issues but if you have an edema due to a serious condition for instance liver problems, heart disease, kidney disorders, or certain complications during pregnancy you must seek the attention of a physician.

Apis Mellifica and Calcarea Carbonica

If you have a swelling around your eyes or around your lower body parts you may want to consider trying a homeopathic remedy called Apis mellifica. This remedy will work well if you feel the swollen area is rather tight or numb and sensitive. You will also find that this type of swelling will benefit from cold compresses but a hot compress will feel it is making the swelling worse.

If your swelling is predominantly located around the area of your knees then you may need to try a homeopathic remedy called Calcarea carbonica. This remedy will be good for you if you find that sitting causes pain and worsened symptoms and also a person with these symptoms will more often than not be slightly overweight and have quite sweaty hands and feet.

Bovista and Ferrum metallicum

If you have a tendency to experience puffiness all over the body and tend to drop things due to weakness in your hands you may need to try a remedy called Bovista. This is a great cure for those women who have water retention at the same time as their menstrual period. If your body becomes swollen after doing some form of exercise or an activity in which you lose a lot of water via sweating you should try a homeopathic remedy called Ferrum metallicum. Usually people with these symptoms are anemic and constantly feel tired.

Graphites and Kali Carbonicum

If a person has swelling problems coupled with issues with their skin such as cracking and pain in the region of their lower back a remedy called Graphites could be of assistance. However, if a person has swelling above their eyes they should try Kali carbonicum. This homeopathic remedy is good for people who tend to have sensitive feet and swelling in one particular foot.

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