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The frequency of using homeopathic remedies for nausea depends on its severity. That means that in the cases where nausea isn’t too intense, it is enough to take the homeopathic remedy just one time for it to subside, while in the cases where it seems to be quite severe and unbearable, the remedies can even be consumed several times within the first hour. After the first hour has passed, the dosage should be slowly reduced. And while there is no point in continuing to take the homeopathic supplements just in case after the symptoms of nausea have passed, they can do no harm and can be consummated whenever the symptoms might be returning.Colchicum

When nausea is followed by episodes of vomiting which tend to be quite sudden and uncontrollable, and usually occur when encountering with any kind of food of a very distinctive smell or taste, the best homeopathic remedy to use is colchicum. Some other symptoms that characterize the type of nausea that is best treated with colchicum include lightheadedness, exhaustion and increased physical weakness. The person experiencing nausea also tends to be very sensitive to the behavior of other people and nag about every little thing as well. Sometimes, the symptoms become so unpleasant that they leave the person drenched in cold sweat.


Ipecacuanha is used to treat the symptoms of nausea that are quite different than the ones treated with colchicum. First of all, in these cases nausea tends to stick around for quite some time and is never relieved with vomiting. And while actual vomit isn’t a symptom of this type of nausea, sometimes a small portion of blood or food is ejected from the body through the mouth. The production of saliva is excessive so the person feels no need to take in fluids. Apart from feelings of nausea, the stomach is also affected by strong muscle cramps and contractions. Using ipecacuanha is very helpful in these situations, and what is also helpful and can relieve some of the symptoms significantly is going outdoors to get some fresh air.


In some cases, the vomit that nausea causes can have a very foul and even acidic smell. The vomit is followed by excessive amounts of saliva coming out of the mouth as well. In this situation, the feelings of nausea are not at all relieved with vomiting. This is because the vomiting is a result of a very severe headache that follows this kind of nausea, and it represents more of a culmination of discomfort rather than relief. Iris, or Blue Flag, which is its alternative name, can be of great use in alleviating these symptoms.

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