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The best way of explaining the feeling of having nausea is being overcome with a lightheaded, dizzy feeling that hits you instantaneously. It is also often coupled with sweating and an over production of saliva in the mouth. Usually and unfortunately the only way to overcome this horrific feeling is by allowing your body to actually vomit. In fact this is probably a good thing as it is a natural solution for getting rid of the toxins that probably caused the nausea in the first place. There are a few different homeopathic cures for feeling nauseous but you do need to be careful with the doses although they can be increased slightly depending on the brutality of the feeling. So you can have a potency of six, twelve or thirty doses every half an hour for the first two hours only and then reduced significantly. For the less severe cases just one dose may suffice.

Homeopathic Medicine Colchicum

People who feel nauseous suddenly, who are weak, tired and especially people that are sensitive to smells may be recommended to try Colchicum. The person who is best fitted to try this medicine will also have the other symptoms such as burning or coldness within their gut and will progress when they smell something. Also another sign that a person may need this particular homeopathic medicine is being sensitive to touch.

Homeopathic Medicine Ipecacuanha

Ipecacuanha is recommended for people who unfortunately have the nauseous feeling over a longer period of time. These people will have a horrid feeling of cramps all over their entire body and when they are sick there may be a presence of blood in their excretion. They will not have the need to take in any fluids which can cause severe dehydration. Most people will suffer with this type of sickness after eating, being pregnant and/or if there is a drug addiction present. This sort of people may get better by simply going outside and breathing in some much needed fresh air. However if that does not help then they should absolutely try the homeopathic remedy Ipecacuanha.

Homeopathic Medicine Nux vomica

If you find that you are having trouble to actually vomit, even though your body tries to, then try homeopathic medicine called Nux vomica. It may be the right cure for you as it will actually help your body discharge toxins from it. If though you cannot actually vomit you may experience a horrid bile taste. All these symptoms will be relieved after taking in medicine.

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