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Gout is the disorder of the tissue in which the uric acid from the blood tends to crystallize and accumulate. So, the consequence is the apparition of swelling and redness (or, as medically called, the inflammation) of the affected area which is usually the area of the joints. Most commonly, this condition is the consequence of rheumatoid arthritis.

Since the most prominent symptom of this condition is the severe pain, besides the conservative medical treatment, the homeopathic treatment should be also considered, either as the follow-up or as the main way of dealing with the problem of the gout. But, the homeopathic remedies are not so safe. Some of them can cause the allergic response, or some negative following effects, and that is why the professional opinion must always be considered. The professional will also know which remedy to choose and that should be the one that fits the symptoms.

At this point, it should be emphasized that the homeopathy works by attacking the problem with the same or similar substance or action in order to provoke the organism to defend on its own, actually. Because of that fact and because of the possible unwanted reactions, it is extremely important to wait after taking the homeopathic remedy for the first time. And, if everything is okay, one could proceed with the treatment. It is also advisable for an individual to take the remedy firstly like an experiment in order to see which is the right amount of it for his or hers organism.

So, when it comes to the symptom of pain, there are several types of it. For example, when the more general pain is felt, the most efficient herb is berberis. But, if the pain is described as a kind of ripping sensation, the best solution is the herb called bryonia. This pain is also followed by the warm swellings and the rigid knees. And, when the pain is rather sharp and the movements of the joints sound like they are at the point of breaking, the calcarea fluorica should be used as a remedy.

When the gout produces the pain that couldn’t be ignored in any way, and the red swelling is present, too, colchicum should be used. Also, if there is an itchy sensation, besides the inevitable swelling and pain, sulphur is the best option there is.

However, there are the remedies that are mainly focused on the reduction of the swelling, and those are different herbs such as poison ivy, Marsh Labrador tea, rhododendron, belladonna and arnica (leopard's bane), but they are very efficient in providing the relief from pain, too.

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