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Tinnitus is, simply put, ringing in the ears, which medically means that it is perception of the sound which is not there. Tinnitus is not a disease by itself, it is a symptom of some other disorder like the nose allergies, which can prevent fluid drainage from the ear and cause ear wax build up, ear infection or presence of ear wax or some foreign object in the ear.

Tinnitus can also be side effect of some medications, or genetic congenital hearing loss, or just simply consequence of old age, but the most common cause of Tinnitus is nose induced hearing loss. Tinnitus is rather common disorder; about 20% of people between 55 and 65 have it in some form or the other.

Homeopathic remedies for Tinnitus

Homeopathy is excellent alternative to more classical medical approach. Homeopathy treats not only illnesses but tries to determine the causes as well and also to treat patient as a whole, not just group of symptoms. Homeopathic remedies are safe and have no side effects.

For recommendation of which homeopathic remedy to use for your Tinnitus problems, how and dosage, it would be best to consult your homeopathic expert. Here is a short list of some of homeopathic remedies that you can use for your Tinnitus problems.


This homeopathic remedy is recommended in cases of Tinnitus or hearing impairment, when symptoms includes humming, whizzing or rushing types of noises or sounds in your ears, and also an echoing sound of the heart beat. Other symptoms may include nausea, motion sickness or high sensitivity to louder sounds. The symptoms are generally worsened in the morning, and cold brings relief.


Conium is recommended as homeopathic remedy in Tinnitus cases when symptoms include impaired hearing and constant humming, rushing or roaring sounds. Hearing of the person is very sensitive and dysfunctional, and there is a presence of large amounts of ear wax, which only makes hearing even weaker.

Stitching pains and aches may be present in the ears, and this type of Tinnitus is most common at elderly people. Symptoms may get worse when person is lying down, at night and after a meal.


Causticium as homeopathic remedy is used in cases when symptoms of Tinnitus include constant ringing, rushing or roaring sounds in the ears. Sensations of cold air or burning may also be present in the ears. Sounds that person suffering from this type of Tinnitus hear are elicit in one’s ear, and there is a presence of large amounts of ear wax, also. Vertigo and physical strain may also be present as a symptoms.

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