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What are muscle cramps?

Muscle cramps can be very painful sensations that happen in cases when muscles contract uncontrollably or become overshorten. Many causes can contribute to muscle cramp, among them low or dysbalances sodium levels in the body, pregnancy, restless leg syndrome or menstruation. In cases of over-exercise, muscle cramp may also occur.

In cases that, you have problems with muscle cramps, homeopathy can help you. Homeopathic remedies are an excellent alternative to the classic medical approach; they are harmless, non-evasive, cheap to buy, easy to use and they do not have any side effects. Just make sure that you consult your doctor or homeopathic expert for instructions on what choice of remedy is best for you and your particular problem, how to use it and in what quantities.

The general principle in applying of homeopathic remedies is to start slowly and see how it works. If there are no improvements after a reasonable period, you can switch to another homeopathic treatment, and try with it. In some cases, you can combine several of the remedies, or use them for problems similar to muscle cramps.

Homeopathic and Home Remedies for Muscle Cramps

Besides homeopathic remedies, you can use some of the home remedies for your muscle cramps problems, like ibuprofen or Aspirin, chamomile tea, calcium, CoQ10, mustard in your daily diet, magnesium, pickle juice and quinine or tonic water. Many of these home remedies can be found as supplements, especially minerals, and you can add them to your daily diet.

Magnesia Phosphorica is beneficial remedy used for muscle cramps. Magnesia Phosphorica is recommended in cases when muscle cramps are relieved with warm applications. Also, this remedy is often used when other homeopathic remedies do not match the symptoms of the patient.

Ignatia Amara and Causticium are other homeopathic remedies that are commonly used in cases of muscle cramps. They are recommended in instances where joint and muscles feel stiff and sore in the patient, and muscle cramps are caused by physical overuse. Causticium is especially effective in cases when muscle cramps are worsened by cold or dry weather, and symptoms are relieved by warm applications.

Calcarea Carbonica is another remedy used in cases when muscle cramps are accompanied by soreness and in cases when muscle cramps are caused by exertion. Calcarea Carbonica is also highly recommended for people which job requires a lot of physical activities or hard physical labor.

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