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Urinary infection

Frequent urination, followed by discomfort or pain, changes of the urine color and smell are often the signs of urinary infection. If the infection lasts for a while, symptoms might be even worse, including fever or kidney pain. If any of these symptoms appear consult your doctor about the treatment.

Infections of the urinary tract can be successfully treated with homeopathic remedies.

Aconitum apellus

Hot and inadequate urine flow is often treated with this remedy. It is also proven helpful for urination after the exposure to cold or after experiencing a stressful event.

Apis mellifica

Frequent urge to urinate, burning and pain are also treated with Apis mellifica. Usually, cold and open air is helpful to these patients, while warmth and touching worsen the symptoms.


Belladonna patients experience frequent urge to urinate, and the urine has a different color than normal. The remedy is also used to treat the blood in the urine.

Berberis vulgaris

This remedy is useful to treat cystitis. The urge to urinate is followed by burning and sharp pain, which may be aggravated by walking.


Borax is also used to treat cystitis. The pain is worse while urinating, and these patients can’t stand noise or motion, frequently suffering from motion sickness.


These patients always feel as if their bladder is not completely empty. Often, people experience intense pain connected with the urination.

Chimaphila umbellata

Patients needing chimaphila can’t easily urinate. Also, these people sometimes feel hot while urinating and feel tired after urinating.


This remedy is recommended for people that often feel the urge to urinate, but excrete just small amounts of urine. Usually, these patients feel tingling lasting for long time after the urination.


Equisetum is useful for people suffering from painful cystitis. The pain is much worse with the emptied bladder, and the full bladder brings some relief to these patients.


When patients often urinate at night, and excrete huge amounts of urine every time, homeopaths would suggest this remedy. Sometimes, these patients feel the pain in the bladder and their back.

Nux vomica

Nux vomica patients experience irritated bladder, hot pain and itching of the urethra. Warmth often helps to relieve the pain. Psychologically, these are impatient and short tempered people.


If the urinary infection can’t be resolved with some other remedies homeopathic practitioners might use Sarsaparilla. This remedy could also be used in different kidney conditions.


This is also a remedy used in urinary infections, to treat frequent urination and pain. These patients are often tired, bad-tempered and have cold hands and feet.


Urinary infections in women, after the use of catheter or after a long bed rest are commonly treated with Staphysagria.

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