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Rashes occur when skin is in contact with some irritating substance in the environment. It can be some ingredient in air, cosmetic products, herbs, pollutants in water or swimming pools, etc. Some rashes are caused by viral infections, while in some other cases causes are unknown. Heat rushes are common name for all types of rushes that are getting worse by exposure to heat.

A good alternative to regular medicaments, in soothing the itching, discomfort or inflammation can be Home and Homeopathic remedies. Homeopathy treats wide range of diseases, and unlike regular medicine approach, it tries to treat the patient completely, both physically and mentally. This approach means not just to cure the illness, but to find a cause of it, too.

Here is a list of such homeopathic remedies. There are no known side effects, but it would be the best to consult your doctor or homeopathic expert for instructions about dosage and frequency of use. Depending of remedy you choose for your heat rash problems, you can apply it either daily or several times a day. If you do not notice improvement after reasonable period of time, use different remedy, and the again wait for the results. Usual principle of homeopathic remedies usage is to start slowly and see how it works, and than go for there.

Homeopathic Remedies for Heat Rash

Belladonna is best used remedy for cases of heat rush when you feel throbbing, discomfort and a sensation of heat, often accompanied with fever.

Bryonia can help in cases with dry and hot rush. It relives it efficiently.

Natrum Muriaticum is very effective in areas around bends of knees and elbows, and around lower edge of the scalp. It is effective when infected areas starts to dry, and it should be used at first signs of rush outbreak.

Rhus Toxicodendron is recommended remedy in cases of blistering and intense rash. Hot water bath helps relieve the symptoms.

Ledum palustre is recommended remedy in cases of swollen rash. Cold soothes the rash.

Graphites is remedy usually used for pimples and acne treatment and dry or rough skin, etc. Itching of the skin is aggravated from hot, and gets worse at knight.

Sulphur is best used in the cases when person have irritated and burning rushes and when washing and hot water makes it worse.

Apis is remedy best used for allergic reactions. Areas affected with rush are pink and swollen, and appliance of cold helps.

Urtica urens is recommended remedy for erupting and intense rushes, where scratching makes it worse. Cold water soothes the rush.

Heat Rash Home Remedies

Keeping your body cool is one of the main ways of fighting a heat rash. Majority of heat rashes goes away without any medical attention, while in some severe cases are you can use following home remedies; applying of ice, Aloe vera cooling gels or baby powder after a bath. You should also stay away from creams and ointments, frequently take a cold shower or bath and turn the air conditioner on.

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