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A few words about burns

Burns are lesions that appear on the surface of the skin due to excessive exposure to fire, heat, electricity or certain radiations. The next stage of this type of the injury is the formation of a blister, which is the normal response of the organism to a burn and it has the protective function. That is, a blister, which is a formation with the enclosed liquid in it, protects the burn from any further possible damage. However, if the blister occurs, the process of healing the affected tissue lasts significantly longer.

Therefore, there are some homeopathic remedies which are focused on stopping the blister from forming in the first place, and which are well known for their regenerative properties. At this point, it is important to emphasize that this kind of natural remedy is to be used carefully, since the same dosage would do harm in healthy individuals. The most effective homeopathic remedies

Since the burns require the immediate attention, the first aid consists cooling down the hot tissue, that is, by treating the problem with the opposite. When the wound cools down, it should be treated with the natural remedies. As far as the remedies that should be applied right after the injury took place are concerned, the most effective is the herb called Arnica, which has the characteristic of lowering the stress and its effects in general.

After the first aid treatment, the remedies focused on encouraging the process of the regeneration of the affected tissue are also to be put directly over the wound. So, if the pain is ardent and unbearable, Cantharis is the best remedy, and, in addition, it is used for the most severe cases of the burns, while, on the other hand, Urtica urens is used in the mild cases of burns. Cantharis is also used for prevent the formation of the blisters, but if they are already formed, Causticum is more appropriate for the alleviation of the same symptoms. If there is the increased possibility of the patient suffering from the infectious process, and if the patients shows the signs of being attacked by the chilling, the most effective remedy, in that case, is the Hepar sulphuris calcareum.

Nevertheless, if the burnt individual describes the pain as rather harsh, ardent and stabbing, Hypericum is the needed herb. Calendula and the tinctures extracted from Hypericum are used from encouraging the process of the regeneration of the tissue, and Phosphorus is applied on the burn caused by the electricity.

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