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IBS is the popular abbreviation for the condition called the irritable bowel syndrome, which suggests that he exact causes of it haven’t yet been discovered. It is a very common disorder, however, and it affects the colon. The troubles that follow this condition are the painful abdomen, cramps and the gas, and both, the diarrhea and the constipation.

Luckily, this condition is not one of the severe health problems, since it doesn’t cause any permanent damage to the bowel or colon, but, it is very unpleasant. The medical advice should be sought if someone has been suffering from IBS for the period of the three months in the last year, especially if the feces has been of somewhat different color, or if there have been some noticeable irregularities associated to the rates of the bowel functions.The homeopathic treatment

However, the homeopathic treatment has shown the great effectiveness concerning the treatment of this condition, and the remedies based on the natural and beneficial chemicals are used depending on the symptoms the affected person suffers from.

For example, if the pain is described as stabbing and even worsened when the patient feels some negative emotion, recommended is the intake of the colocynthis. But, when the sense of the tightness in the abdomen and stomach is present, followed by the sudden and sharp pain, by the small parts of the discharged feces, cramps and gas, nux vomica is the best homeopathic remedy there is. These symptoms are also tightly associated with the troubles of the psychological nature, such as restlessness, impatience and anger.

However, if the basic symptoms are followed by certain sounds which could be described as the boiling of some fluids in the abdomen, and, consequently, by the liquid feces of a yellowish color and the overall feeling of exhaustion, the recommended homeopathic remedy must be based on the substance called podophyllum.

Also, when the biggest problem is the alternation of the diarrhea and the constipation, lilium tigrinum is the best remedy for such a disorder.

Nevertheless, in the case of the very frequent and unexpected urges to expel the feces and the gas of the characteristic odor, which occur along the always present itch in the rectum, the sulphur should be used to alleviate those symptoms. But, if the feces is green, argentum nit is the recommended remedy.

Anyway, if the standard symptoms are followed by the disorder of the metabolism and digestion, and if the affected individual is tolerant to the lactose, natrium carb should be taken. And, finally, if the symptoms lead to the advanced disorder of the digestion, which is often followed by the sensation of being full, lycopodium is the best solution to the problem.

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