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What are the sebaceous cysts?

The sebaceous cyst is a lump-like formation that usually emerges below the surface of the skin and it is actually a type of the closed sac filled with the dense secrete called keratin (which is a type of protein).

However, the condition of having a sebaceous cyst is considered more as the syndrome, because the exact cause has not yet been discovered. But, it could be said that there are certain places on the body which are more prone to be affected by this kind of the cyst, and those most commonly are the shrunk follicles of hair, they could appear over the scalp, on the lower extremities and between the legs. The specialists assume that the high level of the hormone called testosterone increases the likelihood of being affected by these cysts.

The natural treatment

So, having in mind that the biggest problem of this condition is that the exact cause remains unknown (although they often occur as the result of some injury, such as skin traumas), fortunately, there are a lot of ways to deal with it. The conservative treatment most commonly includes the invasive surgical interventions, such as the procedures of excision or drainage, which are recommended mostly in the cases of the infectious process in the cyst and therefore, the additional inflammation.

Anyway, as far as the non-conservative treatment is concerned, the homeopathy could be the best option, but the effect of this kind of the natural remedies firstly should be examined by taking the lower dosages of them. They are mostly based on the substances such as, Hepar sulphur and Calc sulph. Additionally, the most effective homeopathic remedies, either in the supplementary or in the herbal form, are focused on enhancing the immune system and, therefore, on improving the resistance, quality and the power of the regeneration of the skin.

The most beneficial, concerning this problem, are the remedies based on the vitamins A, B (all the complex) and C, and the mineral zinc. And, the herbs that are rich in these nutrients are the milk thistle, the root of burdock and red clover. Besides these herbs, there are a lot of available supplements for dealing with this skin problem and the most popular are the ones based on Calc., Silicea, Natrum Carbonicum, Conium Maculatum, Benzoic Acid, and so on.

Apart from the homeopathic treatment also very effective in the removal and healing of the cysts is by minimizing it by the dry heat. It should be used carefully, in the sessions of one quarter of an hour, two times per day and for one week. Of course, getting enough sleep, eating healthy foods and the other strategies of maintaining the good immunity are to be followed.

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