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Cataracts are often caused by oxidative changes in the lens of the eye, and if untreated, it can lead to the loss of eyesight. It happens mostly with old people, but in cases of exposure to harmful elements like sunshine, radiation, or even medications can affect younger people too.

In case when normal prevention or regular medicaments are not efficient, you can use various homeopathic remedies to help you with your eye or vision problems. You should choose one that best suits you and your eye-vision problem.

A good alternative to regular medicaments can be homeopathic medicine. It treats wide range of disorders and diseases, and it is non toxic and harmless.

The following is a list of some of homeopathic remedies you can choose. For more information, consult your homeopathic expert;

Silicea (Sillica)This homeopathic remedy is recommended in cases of people which develop cataracts after prolonged periods of eyestrain. Fatigue, weak nails and swollen lymph nodes are indications for this type of remedy.

Calcarea carbonicaThis homeopathic remedy is recommended in cases of people who have cataract problems, and feeling of looking through mist. Weight problems and swollen glands are signs of need for this type of remedy.

PhosphorusPeople with need for this remedy have vision problems like blurred vision and sense of looking through mist or dust. They can also sometimes see colored dots and have eyestrains a lot.

Calcarea fluoricaThis homeopathic remedy is recommended in cases of people which develop cataracts and have tissues that are hard, or abnormally thick. Symptoms may also include joint pains, bone spurs, fibrous growth and swollen glands. People with this type of cataract feel worse during rapid weather changes, and heat helps them.

Natrium muriaticumThis is a good choice of a homeopathic remedy in cases when a cataract only starts to develop. Areas and muscles around the eyes feel weak, and especially when person tries to look down. Also, a person may have dusty or gauzy felling in their eyes. Sensation can be worsened by sunlight.

CausticiumThis kind of homeopathic remedy is very often recommended and is proven helpful, in cases of people with cataracts, who have problems with eye movements, and the muscles around eyes that are weak, especially from cold, windy or open air.

Information about dosage and frequency of use is best to consult with your homeopathic expert. The usual principle is to start slowly and see how it goes, and then go for there. Depending on the remedy you choose, you can apply it either daily or hourly. If you do not see improvement after reasonable period of time, use a different remedy and see how it goes.

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