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Pain in your back can appear for many reasons, the most of them can be in case when people are involved in sports or hard work activities, and in the process, overuse themselves in physical activities, such as running or repeating movements.

Homeopathy is a very good alternative to regular medical approach and medicaments. Homeopathic remedies are safe to use and have no side effects. As for the way of use and dosage, it is best to consult your homeopathic expert. Usual principle is to start slowly with on of several recommended homeopathic remedies, see how it works, and go for there.

There is a list of several of homeopathic remedies that you can use in order to relieve the back pain symptoms;

SulphurGood remedy for cases when patient with back pain has slouching posture, accompanied with pain getting worse when standing up.

Ruta graveolensRecommended remedy in cases of stiffness in joint or muscles, accompanied with feelings of soreness and lameness.

AesculusGood homeopathic remedy in cases of very low back pain which is getting worse by standing upright from previously sitting position.

Rhus toxicodendronGoods choice for cases of pain in the lower back, shoulders and neck. Pain is worsened by damp and cold weather and movement and relieved by massage, hot baths and warm applications.

Arnica This homeopathic remedy is well known for its good effect on soft tissue and muscles pain. It can be applied in a form of gel.

Nux vomicaGood remedy for cases of pain getting worse by damp and cold weather, at night, and painful muscle cramps in the lower back.

Ignatia Good remedy for emotional distress, grief for example, and pain in the muscles of the lower back.

Natrum muriaticumIndications for use of this specific remedy are pain in the lower back which is getting better from lying down on a hard surface.

BryoniaRecommended remedy in cases of strong pain in the lower back that prevents person from even moving, turning from side to side in the bed, coughing or making nay kind of sudden movement.

Kali carboniciumGood remedy for frequent and strong night pains, accompanied with aggravated pain during menstrual period.

Other kinds of homeopathic remedies that are recommended in various cases of back pain may be Cimifuga, Calcarea carbonica, Calcarea phosphorica, Dulcamara, etc. For exact instructions about specific cases when usage of one or several of those homeopathic remedies is recommended, consult your homeopathic expert.

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