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Function of the gall bladder is to keep the concentrated digestive fluids called bile, produced in liver. Gall bladder is organ located under the liver, on the left side oh your abdomen. Sometimes, parts of hardened cholesterol or mineral stones are formed in the gall bladder, producing the gall bladder stones. Depending of chemical composition of the bile in your bladder, some people are more apt to have gall bladder stones.

Gallstones may vary in size, and can have no particular symptoms. But in cases when they grows bigger, they can block the duct where bile is leaking out, causing symptoms like inflammation, indigestion, stomach pain and. In those advanced cases, surgery is only option.

As a part from regular medicament and remedies, homeopathy is a very good alternative. Homeopathic remedies fir gallstones has no known side effects, and are considered harmless. Usual principle is to start with one chose remedy for your particular problem, wait to see how it works, and then go for there. If results are not shown in reasonable period of time, change the remedy and try again. For the instructions about preparation and way of use, consult your local homeopathic expert.

There is a list of some of those remedies;


This remedy is often recommended in case of sore felling in the liver and gallbladder. The area feels warm, and often constipation is side effect of the symptoms.

Nux vomica

Stinging and hard pain traveling upwards are indications for this remedy. Also nausea and digestive problems may appear in the list of your symptoms.

Berberis vulgaris

Remedy recommended in cases of throbbing pain in your gallbladder, stomach and sometimes shoulder. Pain is worsened by prolonged period of standing, and constipation may follow.


Good choice of homeophatic remedy in cases of gallstones problems, when symptoms include abdominal bloating, digestive problems and discomfort. Pain is worse after a meal, and moves from right to left side of your body.

Calcarea carbonica

Good for use in case of swollen abdomen, indigestion and gallbladder problems. Pain is lessen when lying down and gets worse by standing up.


This particular remedy is indicated in the cases when you have a gallbladder pain from gallstones, when you bend forward, and pain is lessened by bending backwards. Moving around relieves the pain.


Good remedy for cases of sharp, throbbing pain in the right upper abdomen, when person just wants to lie down. Pressure to the abdomen area relieves the pain.

Chelidonium majus

This homeopathic remedy for gallstones in recommended in cases of pain extends to the back, or to a shoulder blade. Painful parts are sensitive to touch, and laying down makes it better. Post meal nausea also may appear.

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