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Homeopathic remedy for osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is joints inflammation, and it happens when breakdown of the cartilage at end of bones. It happens usually if you overuse or overstretch yourself, and inflammation and pain can be sometimes severe. Homeopathic remedies can help in these cases.

Here is a list of such remedies. There is no known side effect, but if in doubt, consult your doctor or homeopathic expert for dosage and frequency of use. Depending of remedy you choose, you can apply it either daily or several times a day, or even hour. If you do not see improvement after reasonable period of time, use different remedy, and the again wait for the results. Usual principle is to start slowly and see how it works, and than go for there.

This helps in cases when person can not be moved or even touched, due to a high level of pain. It relives it efficiently.

Ruta graveolens
This remedy is best use for pain treatment in cases extreme pain of arthritis. Ruta also helps if you still feel the pain after Arnica treatment.

Beside pain management, it calms the person down. Best use is in cases of chronic arthritis.

Best remedy for cases of arthritis when you feel discomfort, throbbing, and a sensation of heat. Inflamed area is swollen and red.

Kali carbocinum
In case of deformed or thicken joints, or discomfort from cold weather, this remedy is recommended.

Aconitum napellus
It is recommended in cases or discomfort from cold weather. It can relieve the pain from inflammation.

Calcarea fluorica
It is often recommended in cases of swollen or enlarged joints, when the pain is caused by motion or heat.

Calcarea phosphorica
Best to use in cases of arthritic pain in sore or stiff joint, provoked by cold or drafts.

Calcarea carbonica
Best to use in cases of arthritic pain or inflammation of knee, provoked by cold or dampness.

Apis mellifica
Remedy can be very useful with acute arthritis, usually on knees and hands. Heat worsen the pain, and cold relieve it.

Best suited for cases of sudden, throbbing pain in arthritic jolts, caused by cold or damp weather.

Homeopathic remedy recommended for cases of shifting pain in knees, heels and hips.

Cimifuga or Actaea racemosa
For strong pain and stiffness in arthritic large jolts and neck, caused by cold or damp weather.

Rhus toxicondendron
In arthritic cases of stiffness or pain in the morning, it is best to use this remedy. Motion and heat improves the feeling, while cold increases it.

Kalmia latiflora
Strong, sudden, arthritic pain may be the case when you use this remedy. Especially when pain starts in upper joints, and the move downwards. Pain increases with motion.

Ledum palustre
In cases of arthritic pain starts in lower joint, and move upwards. Joint are swollen make cracking sounds. Cold soothes the pain.

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