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Among so many remedies that homeopaths put to use inthe treatment of various conditions and diseases, there are a few which can be usedvery successfully to treat fractures.

Arnica Montana is very helpful in the treatment of bleedingand damaged tissues. It relieves the sore and beaten feeling induced byinjuries and comes in handy as a remedy for labor after childbirth. Arnicarelieves pain, control hemorrhage and significantly speeds the healing up. It is best suited for people who cannnot get any rest and feel discomfort from constantlychanging their position in order to find a comfortable one.

Arnica is commonlydiluted in water and taken orally, although it can also be applied to skin.Herbal Arnica should not be applied directly to broken skin because it can bevery dangerous. Arnica is a good solution for the treatment of broken bones forthe first 2 days, and then later on, the patient should switch to some otherremedy for better results. Arnica can also be of great help in treatment ofmalaria, meningitis, pneumonia, arthritis, angina, psoriasis, rheumatism andvarious types of infections.

Bruyonia is also very efficient for many conditions but it isbest suited for situations in which a patient needs to be still as much aspossible since the slightest movements worsen the condition. That makes it thebest remedy for fractured ribs since they need to move due to breathing.

Oneshould be careful though, because a lack of movement during the recovery ofbroken ribs can cause pneumonia. Bryonia reduces rib pain and allows thepatient to breathe properly. Bryonia is the best remedy for the situationswhere a patient needs to keep still, feels the desire to be left alone and allow themucous membranes get dry. It is also very efficient for various other conditionsincluding asthma, flu, mastitis, pleurisy, rheumatism, tendonitis, vertigo,cough, headache and bronchitis.

Symphytum is a homeopathic remedy best suited for thetreatment of broken bones, pain relief and sped up repair rate. Some know it asKnit-bone because it almost literally knits the broken bones together. Itshould not be consumed orally since it can cause damage to the liver. It is alsohelpful in relieving phantom pains which are common after amputations andeyeball injuries.

Homeopathy is very helpful in recovering from variousinjuries and fractures. Each person should receive an individually suited prescriptionbased on the symptoms that person experiences. Osteoporosis can be treated verysuccessfully with the aforementioned homeopathic remedies.

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