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Fibromyalgia is the painful chronic condition characterized by tenderness and stiffness in joints tendons and muscles. Besides regular medical approach, you can tray with homeopathic remedies. Homeopathy takes alternative medical approach, and tries to heal whole body, not just symptoms of disorder. Homeopathic remedies are harmless, have no side effects, and can be used according to instructions from your homeopathic expert. Usually when you start treatments, wait for a few days for results. If there is not any, change the remedy and try again.

Here is a list of such homeopathic remedies, that you can try, in order to help you with your case of fibromyalgia;

BryoniaGood homeopathic remedy to help you in cases when you feel like you can not be moved or even touched, due to a high level of pain. This remedy relives your pain efficiently.

Ruta graveolensThis remedy is recommended for pain treatment in cases extreme pain from fibromyalgia or arthritis. Ruta graveolens can also helps if you still feel the pain after Arnica treatment.

ArnicaThis remedy has a tendency to, beside pain management, calm you down, especially if you have a nervous tension after period of prolonged lying in bed, due pain in joints. Best uses for this remedy are in cases of fibromyalgia and chronic arthritis.

Calcarea carbonicaBest to use this remedy in cases of fibromyalgia accompanied with knee inflammation or arthritic pain. Pain and stiffness can be provoked by cold or damp weather.

Actaea racemosa or CimifugaGood choice of homeopathic remedy in cases of stiffness and strong pain in arthritic jolts or neck, caused by damp or cold weather.

Rhus toxicondendronThis remedy is often recommended for use in cases of fibromyalgia, when there are feelings of stiffness or pain in the morning. Any kind of motion and heat diminishes the painful symptoms, while cold or damp weather conditions increases it.

Kalmia latifloraThis remedy is used in cases of strong and sudden pain in the muscles. Especially, when pain starts in upper joints, and then gradually moves downwards. Pain is aggravated with motion.

CausticiumGood homeopathic remedy for cases of stiffness, soreness, or weakness in your muscles. Pain are getting worse from overuse of the affected limb, and from cold or dry weather, and better from rainy and wet weather, and applying hot applications on sore areas.

Ranunculus bulbosisThis is very helpful remedy in cases of muscle stiffness and fibrositis, especially when the pain is located in your back muscles or your neck. Also, pain around the area of spine may be felt. Damp and cold weather increases the pain, and also alcohol and prolonged walking.

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