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A few words about grapefruit

Grapefruit belongs to the group of the citrus fruits and, as all the other similar fruits (e.g. orange and lemon), it is very rich in the vitamin C. And, it is already known that the 1000mg of this vitamin should be consumed on a daily basis. However, this fruit is also appreciated as the rich source of the antiseptic agents, which is very important characteristic, having in mind the effectiveness the remedies based on grapefruit can offer, especially in the cases of the remedies focused on cleansing the skin. Also very important for the skin is its quality of being able to contract the soft tissues, thus being very effective in shrinking the pores. That is because, the opened pores are more susceptible for the infections, since then there can be a lot of impurities collected in them.The most popular beneficial face masks based on grapefruit

Although there are a lot of nutritive and cleansing cosmetic products available on the market, it is always better option to make the natural remedy at home, which is completely free from the artificial substances, and cheaper. So, grapefruit is, according to the mentioned beneficial qualities, one of the most effective ingredients of such the remedies. The most popular remedy which successfully cleanses the facial skin is the paste based on the grapefruit, intended to be applied two times per week.

First of all, the yolk should be extracted from one egg and the rest of it should be foamed and the juice from the grapefruit (one teaspoon of it) and the same amount of the sour cream should be added to it. After the quarter of an hour these ingredients are mixed well, this mask should be applied over the face.

At this point, it is also good to mention that this fruit is also good for making the skin younger, for the regeneration and for providing the enough moisture to the skin. Apart from the mentioned mask, there is another one very beneficial for all the skin types, and it should be made by the ground one half of the grapefruit, which is needed to be mixed with two tbsp. of milk. It is recommendable to store this mixture in the refrigerator for 60 minutes and after that it can be put on the face. Or, the same quantities of rice flour and the ground grapefruit should be mixed with the same quantities of the juice from carrot and the sour cream.

Nevertheless, in the case of the oily skin type, the paste should be thicker and that is done by adding the flour from oat to the juice, and, when it comes to the dryer type of the skin, the yolk, little bit of honey and the same amount of the juice should be mixed.

Besides the face masks, grapefruit is also beneficial for another purposes, such as, for example, simply rubbing a cooled chunk of this fruit over the face and neck, in order to encourage the circulation; putting it in the bath for the calming down the organism; or rubbing the slice of it over the skin to remove the dead cells.

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