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Desired looks by wayof facial masks

Contrary to how manyhave imagined it, the progress did not actually bring much good, but it endowed oureveryday reality with quite a number of unwanted aspects. And one of the most dangerous is, of course, environmental pollution. Direct consequence of this is that,today, on a regular basis, we inhabit the world where we come in touch withpollution that brings about serious damage to our health, as well as physicallooks. Looks refers primarily to the person’s face, since it isthe best tell tale sign of the condition of a person in question.

Herbal cosmetics

Fortunately,available to people are various creams, scrubbers, lotions, which make one’sskin look more healthy, glowing and dazzling. Given the fact that some of theseproducts are based on chemical substances, more and more people decide to optfor herbal cosmetic products. The main reason for this is that these productscontain no chemicals and are based in such ingredients as fruits, grains,vegetables and alike natural substances. That is why the greatest majority ofproducts such as the face packs, soaps, face wash and peels are being made of natural ingredients. The general character of these products also makes themquite available to just about anyone, in the sense that they can easily be madeeven in the comfort of one’s home. This especially goes for facial and neckmasks, which can be readily employed for the purpose of removal of dead skin,making room for the new rejuvenated one. Some of the homemade masks that haveproven to be quite effective and beneficial are the following:

Gram flour mask – what one needs is 2spoons of gram flour, some turmeric to be added to it (a pinch will do), also acouple of drops of lemon juice, which is then to be mixed either with regular orrose water. Next is to put it either on the one’s face or the neck, be patientuntil it is almost dries and then wash it away.Clay pack has proven its benefitsparticularly for the oily skin. One needs mud clay powder, which is to be mixedthen, as in the case above, with ordinary water or rose water. After applyingit, one should wait until it dries completely and then wash it away.Sandalwood power pack is known to beextremely effective and beneficial for those people whose skin is either oilyor befallen with blemishes or pimples. The help comes in the form of one spoonof sandalwood powder mixed with rose water. This is then to be applied on theperson’s face or the neck and washed away once it gets completely dry.Milk powder pack finds itsapplication with those skin types that are dry. The remedy is embodied in aspoonful of milk powder, mixed together with a couple of drops of lemon juice, and after applying it to one’s face, it should be left there for approximately twentyminutes and washed away afterwards.

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