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Expelling the contents of the stomach, or as popularly called, the act of vomiting or throwing up, comes right after the nausea is felt. However, this problem is not so serious, since the relief is provided right after the moment of vomiting. But it must not be neglected because, if it tends to happen more frequently, it is could be the symptom of some underlying disorder, ailment or condition, such as, for example, the irritation of the membrane of the stomach (the acid reflux or heartburn), the inflammation of the appendix, or just being pregnant (the morning sickness is one of the most prominent indicators of being pregnant).

But, the triggers for such an urge can be of somewhat more prosaic nature, such as being full, after the intake of the excessive amount of the alcoholic beverages, and it can be provoked by the similar triggers which irritate the lining of the stomach and increase the acidity of it. Or, one can just feel the sickness and start to vomit because of seeing and smelling something very unpleasant or if when being in the moving vehicle or elevator.

Also, the dizziness tends to accompany the feeling of sickness and a lot of the mucus is secreted by the glands located in the mouth. Besides those, the other symptoms which are likely to follow this condition are the increased pulse, faintness, the alternations of the temperature of the organism, the disabled swallowing and rather squeamish sense in the stomach.The naturally based treatment

So, the best thing to do when the urge appears is to simply vomit. But, there are some natural remedies which help a great deal in preventing this feeling and in the cases of the chronic problem of the nausea (e.g. morning sickness).

First of all, the proper eating regime decreases the likelihood of the appearance of this problem. The ginger ale in the liquid form should be drunk as still lukewarm, concerning this matter, or the tea made of this plant can lessen the irritation of the stomach successfully, as well. In the cases of some underlying condition, if the vomiting becomes the chronic problem, the 2dl of the lukewarm (and with the lessened amount of the carbon dioxide) cola should serve the purpose. The similar effect could be achieved by the consumption of the freshly squeezed lime juice.

Of course, after throwing up, it is recommendable to replenish the amount of the water in the organism and therefore, drink enough liquids for the period of the next several hours, and the milder juices are especially beneficial. After that period, the more solid meals could be introduced, but not too solid, such as, for example, oatmeal. And, after that, finally, one can pass on gradually on the normal eating regime.

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