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Sinusitis (inflammation of sinuses), allergies or any other cause of blocked and congested sinuses can cause pain and uncomfortable pressure in the sinus area, which covers both above and below the eyes and the pain can extend to the whole face and head. There are many possible causes of blocked sinuses so the therapy depends on the exact cause.

However, there are many remedies and methods that can be done at home and that helps with the discomfort and pain caused by sinus congestion. Warm beverages are highly recommended. Soups, tea and tisane are excellent way to relieve the pressure in the sinuses. Ginger tea and green tea with some lemon are particularly effective for sinus headaches. Ice cold drinks should be avoided until the symptoms subside. It is recommended to eat foods that are rich in vitamin C. This means broccoli, cauliflower, strawberries, citrus fruits and other fresh fruits and vegetables. Rest is also important and a person suffering from a sinus headache will feel much better even after only 30 minutes of sleep or rest in a dark room.

Steam brings significant relief for sinusitis symptoms because it helps dissolve the matter inside the sinuses that causes the blockage. Steaming can be done with electric steamers but a simple bowl of hot water with some eucalyptus oil or chamomile will do the trick. It is important not to let the steam go away so a towel should be placed over the head and head leaned towards the bowl. For the most effective steam, some peppermint oil should be added to the water because peppermint acts as a decongestant.

A small clean towel dipped in cold water may also bring relief for the pain. A juice made from ripe grapes is effective for the migraine and it also helps in case of a sinus headache. A simple and instant method for decongesting the sinuses is to eat a jalapeno as soon as the pain and pressure start. Because jalapenos are hot, they will stimulate the drainage of the secretions. Another effective remedy for sinus headache is a paste made with some dried ginger and a little milk or water.

The paste should be applied directly to the forehead or below the eyes. A hot foot bath combined with a cold compress on the forehead is proven to be an effective way to relieve sinus headache. Other methods may include acupressure and jal neti (the yogic technique for cleaning the nostrils and sinuses), but they should only be performed by a professional.

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