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Modern life and the stress it brings combined with unhealthyfood which have begun to take a toll on human health and the stomach seems to be the mostaffected by this new unwholesome lifestyle, since the number of people complaining of the upset stomach, acidity or indigestion, heavy feeling in the stomach or loosemotions is increasing. Keeping a food diary can help determine which foods resultin upset stomach. Although certain foods areknown to be stomach irritants, each individual is sensitive to different food, which is also why it is important to know which food should be eaten at which time. Red and black peppers fall into this category so they shouldbe avoided, as well as spicy food though if the person can tolerate thespices, they don’t need to refrain from them. Fatty foods can worsen the symptoms of upset stomach, sosticking to lean protein and other easily digestive food, such as whole grainsseems fairly reasonable. The intake of fibre should be increased.

Changes should beintroduced slowly and enable the body to adjust at its own pace. Fruits and vegetables can also affect the condition, and since broccoli,cabbage and brussel sprouts can make stomach troubles even worse they should be taken in reasonable amounts. Apples and melon are problematicfor some people. Beans are known to provoke gases, while canned beans should berinsed before eating and soaked beans cooked in fresh water. As for drinks, 6-8 glasses of water a day are recommended toimprove the function of the intestine, while alcohol, coffee and smoking should becut down on since they irritate the stomach. Milk can cause cramps and gas. Medication can also cause discomfort in the stomach, and since sometimes it is enough to adjust the dosage, the doctor’s advice is necessary. Prolonged use of antacids can produce side-effects, and ifswitching brands doesn’t help, call the doctor. Laxatives should be substituted for bran or a fibre-supplement. Aspirin and ibuprofen irritate the stomach, but acetaminophenand enteric-coated Aspirin are a more harmless alternative.

Stress relief and regular exercise, especially walksfollowing meals, improves the general condition of the digestive tract. Herbs and seeds are also effective against stomach upset, and chewing on caraway seeds after dinner, or drinking tea on an empty stomach canhelp. One teaspoon of caraway seeds poured over with boiling water should be left inthe covered cup, strained and taken up to 3 times a day. One cup of ginger tea helps with gas and nausea. Chewing mint or sipping mint tea on an empty stomach helpswith stomach gas. Crackers, apples and bananas help to ease the discomfort. Hot water bottle put on the troubled area stimulatescirculation and digestion.

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