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Nausea is a very discomfortingfeeling that comes very suddenly. Sweating and chills may be experiences alongwith nausea. In very rare cases, during nausea, the people start to makemore saliva than usually, but this problem usually does not last very long.Emesis is the name used for the vomiting during nausea, which can obviouslyoccur sometimes. But do not be afraid if this happens, since this suggests theend of nausea.

Sometimes the intestinal content may find its way to thestomach, and if this happens, some serious discomfort awaits the person.Normally the stomach sees that something is wrong and tries to push out thecontent, which is why vomiting occurs. Although vomiting isdiscomforting, it is valuable since it removes a lot of toxins. As we havementioned, vomiting will lead to the elimination of the nausea. When a personconsumes some spoiled food, nausea may occur, because bacterial toxins orbacteria are found in the spoiled food.

Nausea can be induces because of thechemotherapy, or because of the medication used during this treatment. Flu canbe accompanied by nausea. Stress, large amounts of alcohol, excessiveconsumption of rich food, strong odors and anxiety can be guilty for thedevelopment of nausea. Stimulation of the nerves found in the stomach happenswith nausea, and because of this, signals are sent to the brain and we feelsome sensations.


Not much can be done if a personwho suffers from nausea wants to vomit. Since this is a natural process, whichis very beneficial for human body, we do not want to stop it. Still, somepeople will need remedies, and those are pregnant women and those sufferingfrom stress or medication induced nausea. Nausea caused by strong odors canalso be treated. Those people can try some of the remedies we will state.

Ginger capsules or tea can be used, because they have volatile oils and helpwith the digestion. The ginger also has an effect on the liver, which hestimulates to produce ore bile, which leads to better digestion. Motionsickness can be avoided by taking some ginger prior to the trip. Using gingersupplements is recommended for pregnant women since it can relieve the morningsickness. We do not know about the effect of the ginger treatment with nauseacaused by chemotherapy. This is something you will have to discuss with yourdoctor. Since blood clotting can be affected by the use of ginger, it is best totalk to your doctor before you use ginger.

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