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Introduction to food poisoning

When a person has food poisoning, they usually experience very bad pain and inflammation in the stomach and the small intestines.

It usually occurs because of an allergy a person has to a certain type of food they have consumed, drinking too much alcohol, or eating food that has gone bad.

It is important to make sure that food is stored properly, especially foods like meat, fish and milk, which can be contaminated very easily.

Even if you do not ingest contaminated food, coming into contact with it can cause itching and other skin problems.

It is important to always check the expiration date on the food item before you purchase it, especially when we are talking perishable foods such as milk products, bread, cakes, meat, fish and canned foods.

It is also important to keep the kitchen very clean while you are preparing the food. All utensils should be cleaned as well. Make sure that the knives you are using are not rusty either and that the cutting board is always thoroughly washed before and after using it.

Cleaning the refrigerator is also of utmost importance. It is also important to make sure that the temperature in the refrigerator and freezer is always right, so that food does not melt and go bad.

In order to avoid food poisoning, it is important to cook the food very well and to always eat fresh food whenever possible.

If you have leftovers after dinner and plan on eating them at some other time, do not leave them lying about the house and make sure to refrigerate them and then heat them before eating them again.

It is important to not keep any type of food at room temperature for more than two or three hours.

Home remedies

There are some helpful remedies you can use at home if you are suffering from food poisoning, and remember that it should be treated immediately.

Ginger is one good way to treat it. That some ginger and mix it with buttermilk to make a paste, which should be consumed two to three times each day.

Ginger extract mixed with lemon juice is also good for helping a person who is constantly vomiting and sick to the stomach.

Papaya is another good home remedy. Take raw papaya and cut it into small cubes and then add it to a glass of water and boil it for 20 minutes. After doing this, drain the contents and drink it. This should be done at least two to three times each day.

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