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Vomiting occurs from a number of the reasons. It can happen because of overeating, excess alcohol consumption, motion sickness, pregnancy, food poisoning, use of certain medications, indigestion and various medical conditions. Vomiting can be very unpleasant, it leaves the stomach feeling achy and tender, it leaves a bad taste in mouth, and more importantly, it can lead to serious dehydration. Therefore, it is important to try and stop it as soon as possible, in order to avoid all its negative effects.

Prevention of vomiting

As the saying goes, prevention is best option. There are many effective ways to prevent vomiting due to different causes. For example, if the vomiting is caused by motion sickness, the traveler should not look out through side windows and should focus on the windshield instead. There are also motion sickness medications that can be taken before the trip.

Pregnant women can prevent or at least reduce morning sickness by not getting up from the bed immediately and by having their breakfast in bed. Pregnancy exercises also help, as do bananas, crackers and similar foods.

Those who tend to drink a lot of alcohol can prevent vomiting by chewing a ginger root or drinking ginger beer or ginger tea. It also helps to have a little snack between drinks.

Cure for vomiting

A person who is vomiting continuously should try not to move or exert, because it can aggravate the condition. It helps to sit down or stand at one place.

In between bouts of vomiting, the person should not be given any solid foods at all. He or she will not be able to keep them down anyway, and they can aggravate the stomach even more. Small sips of lukewarm water should be given instead, until vomiting stops. Sport drinks are also recommended.

If the vomiting occurs due to use of medications, a doctor should be consulted because they may not be suitable for that particular person and maybe should be discontinued.

After care

It is absolutely essential to assure proper hydration during and after vomiting. One would be surprised as to how much fluids are lost due to vomiting. Small sips of plain water are highly recommended even during vomiting, and once it stops, it is advised to continue with water and to also introduce herbal teas, especially mint or chamomile, green tea and clear soups. Coffee, sodas, milk, yogurt and alcohol should be avoided by all means.

In case of severe vomiting, a rehydration solution may be given to restore body fluids and electrolytes.

As for the food, it should be liquid for a while after vomiting. Once the stomach becomes able to digest food again, solid foods can be introduced, but for the first few days they should be bland.

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