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Mumps are acute contagious disease which is viral in nature and with inflammatory swelling of the salivary glands. Epidemics are a frequent occurrence, mostly among 5-15 year olds. Pain is seldom severe, followed by some redness, and chewing and swallowing are made particularly difficult. During recovery in those patients who are long past puberty, other glands may be affected, but usually not that gravely. This contagious disease hides in cold infections and those which are often followed by a cough of any sort. They are transmittable, and therefore require a lot of attention both on the side of a non-infected person, as well as on the side of the infected one. Since vaccination does provide good immunity for this disease, all those people and children who failed to get the appropriate vaccine in proper time are more likely to catch mumps or be infected by their carriers. For those who are in love or who adore to kiss pay close attention for mumps for they can be also transmitted by means of a “French kiss.”


Aside from medications, there are also certain home made remedies that can ameliorate, and ultimately help you defeat this disease - one being the pipal (or peepul) leaves, which are to be heated on the surface of a pan, with some oil added and then put on the spot which had fallen under the influence of mumps. This way you are likely to decrease swelling, kill the germs and stop the inflammation from occurring. But this kind of treatment is going to be less effective if you don’t adhere to some other common rules of treating a mump-infected person, i.e. you should under no circumstances allow the infected person to take in orange or tomato juice, and fluids of similarconstitution.

Another good way of treating mumps with the use of natural remedies is by means of mullein tea. This tea is extremely rich in medicinal properties and is a real eradicator when it comes to germs and various infections, such as mumps. It is also rich in vitamins, minerals and is a natural born blood purifier. Going down the same, natural, road we come to our next medicine – aloe vera. Since it is also rich in medicinal properties and more than effective in dealing with the liver problems, ulcer, severe injuries, this goes for the mumps as well. It can be taken in the form of either fresh leaves or as a powder, incorporated into a smooth paste which is then put on the area affected by mumps.

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