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These parasites are indeed known to all of us, especially from those days when we were kids. Some experienced milder, and some more severe problems with worms’ infestation, but we all managed to live through the condition, with no serious damage to our health. For reference purposes, there are two commonest types of these parasites, namely the roundworms and the tapeworms. The main characteristics of the former are that they are fairly contagious in nature and resemble those which are found in the ground, but are significantly smaller in size - up to maximum length one third of an inch. The latter are much longer, starting from an inch and getting all the way to the thirty feet mark. What is particularly uncomfortable and rather serious is that they are able to survive, no less, than 25 years in one’s body.

Just like there are different kinds of worms, it is logical that each of them causes different infestation, which is then exhibited through a variety of symptoms. It is also possible that there appear no evident symptoms whatsoever. Among the greatest in number, and belonging to the roundworm family, are pinworms, which do know how to make a person feel awkward by causing rash and initiating itching in anal area followed by the unrest and inability to sleep at night. Another member of the family - hookworm, is the main culprit for itches on feet and soles, rash and fever and food repulsiveness, while their first door neighbors - threadworms, are the initiators of severe coughing, stomach pains, diarrhea and always embarrassing gasses.

Infections caused by these tiny parasites can be of different level of severity; some are milder, whereas some tend even to threaten a person’s life if not discovered and driven out of the body in time. Given their parasitic nature, they have the tendency to cause such conditions as anemia and various types of deficiencies. As for the contracting an infestation, the ways are plentiful, starting from walking without shoes and socks on a dirty ground, to consuming larva eggs by eating uncooked or semi and poorly cooked meat.

Besides the medical treatments for worm caused infections, there are also numerous natural ways of dealing with it, including the use of herbs and plants with curing properties. Such natural remedies include drinking of the juice made of aloe vera (to be taken two times in the course of the day), bitter melon (to drive away pinworms), witch hazel (eases itches and irritation), cranberries, papaya and pineapple (their enzymes have anti-parasitic properties), seed extract from grapefruits (merciless parasite Vanquisher) and cloves (effective in destroying parasites’ eggs). One thing to be remembered is that all these natural remedies are most effective if consumed before eating, and when the stomach is empty.

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