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The periodontal disease is the condition known to manifest itself through the gums. More precisely this is the condition whose hallmark is the infection causing the inflammation of the gums tissue and sometimes even of the bone that situated around our teeth. The onset of this disease is considered to be the creation of plaque, which comes to being once the bacteria and saliva in the mouth get in contact, adding up the remains of food and sugar from the already eaten meals. Unless these plaque layers get removed from the teeth in time, they pile up and become hard causing the appearance of the so-called tartar, and once this has occurred, a task of removing it becomes a rather tough one.

In the case all is additionally accompanied with bleeding, that is a sure signal that the inflammation itself has spread even further and has now infected the tissue and bones lying much deeper. It is exactly this severe condition that is known as periodontitis, and the side effects of it may have even more serious consequences, such as the loss of teeth. As far as the symptoms are concerned, among the most common ones we find redness and the swelling of gums, also intensive bleeding while washing and flossing the teeth, acute bad breath, drawing back of gums and more frighteningly appearance of cavities between the teeth and the gums.


If you opt for a more natural approach in healing your poor gums and teeth, you should first and most of all employ vitamins. Vitamin C, being an antioxidant, has the power to mend the connective tissue and hasten the regeneration process of the bones, while vitamin D has been discovered to be extremely effective in ameliorating inflammations, infections and decreasing sensitiveness to developing a gum disease. Avoiding stress is also important since potential danger of it lies in the fact that it adds up to the piling up of plaque on our teeth, while taking up a more relaxing approach to life and indulging more in meditation, yoga or diaphragmatic breathing may be helpful as well. Additionally, as a part of your treatment therapy you should also use coenzyme Q10, which is essential for the appropriate curing of the gums, tea three oil, because of its antibiotic properties, cranberry, because of the potential to drive the bacteria away from your teeth and to make it harder for them to stick to the surface of your teeth. When having in mind non-natural aiding tools, one way of dealing with this condition is also by using electric toothbrush characterized by oscillating rotational movements.

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