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Sarcoptes scabiei are the parasitic mites that are causing sarcoptic mange. Sarcoptic Mange or Mites have tine little suckers on their legs to stuck to their hosts, our pets. After mating, female mites burrow the skin of the host with jaws and front legs to cut the skin. They do tunnel in the top layer of the skin and inside the burrow female lay eggs. She lays two or three eggs each day for next two months.

Sarcoptic mange may affect dogs and cats but it is more common with dogs. The condition occurs due to immune system fall. Sarcoptic mange my cause various skin problems to any rather healthy pets. Sarcoptic mange is a severe skin condition of dogs and cats. But skin scraping does not have to mean sarcoptic mange, but yet 20% of infected dogs have it. Diagnoses requires visit to a vet.

Very contagious, sarcoptic mange may spread between one infected dog or cat to another, in no time. The mites can live out of skin, in the environment for couple of days, if areas are cool and moist. And infected area may infect the pet.

A hair loss and damage of pet skin may be caused by skin allergies and inflammation or presence of foreign bodies. Mites for instance like living on areas with little hair like chest, belly, armpits, etc... Infestation may get worse with lesions that hurt and may develop in no time. Mites attack dogs, cats or even humans.

All pet brushes, collars, beds and other surfaces needs to be sprayed with insecticide. Usual treatments for sarcoptic mange are in a form of chemical based dips, shampoos, spray. Other products:


And those chemicals may be dangerous for pet. But there are antibiotics prescribed, for secondary yeast or bacterial infections that may be brought up by sarcoptic mange.

Natural Help

Strong chemicals do not have to be used, because there are natural effective alternatives in numerous conventional treatments.

- Garlic For instance garlic has natural repellent properties. It may protect pets from parasites, fleas, mange, and has antibiotic properties for secondary infections.

- WormwoodMay be used to treat sarcoptic mange. It is a natural parasite repellent and it is used to treat ear mites, mange and worms.

- Neem or Lemongrass It is a natural insecticide and soothe irritated skin, also encourage healing.

- Niaoli It functions as antiseptic, and it heals pet skin.Proper treatment allows decent outcome for pets infected with sarcoptic mange. Response to treatment is expected in two weeks. Treatment must be continued for two weeks, no matter of remission signs.

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