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Information on Honey

People have used various food items for medicinal purposesever since the ancient times of mankind, which means for thousands of years.Honey is one of the best examples when it comes to food items which are bothnutritional and delicious and they may also be used for various different sortsof medicinal purposes as well. Honey is a food item with a great taste and itcan be consumed on its own, it can be spread on toasted bread or it can beadded to other types of food items or beverages as a natural sweetener. Itcontains no germs whatsoever so it can be applied topically for a veryefficient treatment of burns and cuts on the skin. Honey may also come in veryhandy when it comes to promoting the healing process and aiding in theprevention of scarring which is so often associated with various sorts ofinjuries. Honey is known for its very potent disinfectant properties which makeit very efficient in the treatment of irritated mucous membranes which commonlyaccompany medical conditions such as Sore throat and cough. Honey is producedby bees. The worker bees travel frequently to flowering plants, not furtherthan a mile from their home, and then they extract the nectar from the blossomsand digest it partially in their stomachs. When they get back to their hive,they regurgitate it and store it in the honey combs.

Homeopathic Use of Honey

Locally produced honey can be of great help for all thosewho suffer from different types of seasonal allergies. The pollen from theplants is airborne and is responsible for the better part of seasonalallergies. It is also contained in the honey made by the bees, although byconsuming the honey, the person ingests the irritating pollen in slightly smalleramounts. By doing so, a person builds up the resistance of the immune system tothe irritating pollens which are associated with the annoying discomfort ofseasonal allergies. Homeopathy relies on these principles, where a disease getstreated by small amounts of certain substance which causes the symptoms when itis present in large amounts. The homeopathic method for the treatment ofseasonal allergies suggests that one should have at least 3 teaspoons of honeyeach day. The sufferers should start consuming the honey at least a few monthsbefore the actual allergy season begins. The honey needs to be pure,unfiltered, unrefined and raw.

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