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What is a stye?

A stye or a hordeolum is a small bump that appears on the external part of the eye, usually on the eyelid. Eyelids contain glands that produce tears and oil and they also contain eyelash follicles. If a gland or a duct becomes blocked, it can lead to the formation of the stye. A stye can also occur when dirt or dust particles enter the eye and irritate it. Bacterial infections are yet another possible cause.

Having a stye does not interfere with normal vision, but it does cause other problems, like itching, redness, swelling, burning, irritation, pain, watery eyes and similar.

Home remedies for stye

A stye can be treated with over-the-counter medications quite effectively, but there are other ways to do so without a trip to the drugstore. Many things found in almost every home have medicinal properties and are effective when it comes to treating a stye.

Since a stye is often caused by bacteria, it is important to use natural remedies that have antibacterial properties. One of such remedies is dandelion tea, which should be consumed daily and also applied to the infected eye using a piece of gauze.

Basically anything wet and warm can be placed on the affected eye to remove the stye. It can be a clean washcloth or a piece of cotton dipped in warm water, a wet teabag or a cotton ball soaked in sage or chamomile tea.

Another option is to boil a spoon of coriander seeds in water and to use the solution for washing the eye several times a day.

An alum solution is also very efficient. It is made by mixing two or three alum grains and a cup of water.

Potatoes can be very useful too when it comes to stye remedies. One medium potato should be grated finely, placed in a cheesecloth and applied as a compress over the affected eye.

Acacia extract, made by boiling a handful of acacia leaves in two cups of water, is yet another home remedy for stye. It is, however, important to strain the extract before using it on the eye.

Aloe vera is a plant that has numerous medicinal uses. It can be used for stye too, and it is very simple - a medium-sized aloe vera leaf should be cut diagonally and placed on the stye so the juice from the leaf is in direct contact with it.

Other home remedies for stye include turmeric, guava leaves, cloves, egg whites and many more.

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