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A disease whose symptoms areswelling and fever in the neck is called mumps. It is caused by a virus that iscontagious and before creating the vaccine, in the USA 90%affected by mumps were children under 15 years. This virus is called RNA(ribonucleic acid), it only affects humans, and it can be transmitted veryeasily by coughing, sneezing, or by putting fingers in the mouth cavitiesand eyes it is found in the nose and saliva. In the case ofmumps there can be complications such as inflammation of the testicles, brain,ovaries and breasts, though pancreatitis and permanent deafness can also appearas a consequence. Deafness can appear amongst the children as well while othercomplications are more common among the adults.

Orchitis is a name forinflammation of testicles caused by mumps. In the 20°% of cases, a swelling onthe both sides of the testicles appears some 7-10 days after the beginning ofthe mumps infection. Along with the testicle swelling, shaking chills, high feverand testicular pain may also appear, and these symptoms usually last 3-7days. Another complication of mumps is inflammation of the brain ormeningitis, and symptoms that can indicate it include stiff neck, headache,fever, nausea, vomiting, light sensitivity and drowsiness. These symptoms alsooccur 3- 7 days after the swelling of the gland, though they can also appearbefore any mumps symptoms. A problem that may occur due to the mumps isencephalitis or inflammation of brain. It is a rare complication but it cancause further complications caused by mumps, such as deafness, changes in thebehavior, seizures, problems with vision and headaches. Very rarely mumpscomplications can be transverse myelitis, calle bellar ataxia andGuillain-Barre syndrome.

If a person has a pancreatitis asa result of mumps, they must be aware that it is a very seriouscomplication that includes pain in the abdominal area, sensitiveness to thetouch of the abdomen, rapid pulse, sickness and vomiting. Because of these symptoms,a body can dehydrate and reduce blood pressure, thus leading to failure ofheart, lungs or kidney. It can be the case, although rarely that due to themumps pancreatitis, diabetes and pancreatic insufficiency may appear later inlife. In pregnant women, mumps can also lead to a spontaneous abortion,especially in the first trimester of pregnancy. It hasn’t been proved yet ifmumps has any connection to the delivering a baby with birth defects.

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