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There are a lot of internal and external factors that can cause the dryness of hands and of the skin in general. Those are, for example, the weather factors, such as wind or sun that can damage the skin, disrupting the balance of the humidity of the skin. Precisely because those external factors could hardly be avoided, one must be aware of the fact that they are always going to be present and affect our skin.

So, it is important to take care of the skin after every exposure to those factors, if possible. Especially the attention must be paid on the hands, since they are exposed most frequently, comparing to the other body parts.

As previously mentioned, lying in the sun without any protection (e.g. sunscreen lotion with the moisturizing ingredients) can damage the skin. The cosmetic products that are rich in substances that increase the humidity of the skin should be applied right after taking a shower. The reason is simple; that way, while the skin is still wet, the lotion will lock up the water and nourish the skin with it.

Related to that, when taking a shower, hot water should be replaced by lukewarm or cool water, so that the excessive evaporation of valuable water and oils could be avoided. One should be also careful when using soaps because some of them can make the hands dry. Usually the Basis and Dove products are rich in moisturizers, but it is also good to know that the fluid soaps are often better choice, regarding this problem.

As far as the remedies and the advices about their usage are concerned, first of all, most of the attention must be paid on the intake of alcohol. Consumed internally or applied externally, alcohol is the leading drier of the skin.

Secondly, it is important to point out which are the beneficial remedies that are found in almost every home. So, when taking a bath, it is advisable to put oatmeal into it, because the oats are rich in the most valuable vitamin for skin, the vitamin E. And, it can be also the soap’s substitute. After a bath, it is good to massage the skin with an amount of salt, which will be 2 in 1 – a peeling and a massage. It may seem a little unpleasant, but spreading on a lot of oil onto all the body is very beneficial treatment for skin.

If the skin gets itchy, cornstarch and baking soda are the recommended home remedies.

Vinegar is especially good for the skin of hands. But, after applied, the hands should be put in gloves during the night.

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