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Although freckles aren't considered to be a serious condition, and even a condition, some people have a very disliking attitude against them. Many try to remove the freckles, but the treatment can be very long and tiresome.

Lentigineas are a type of freckles which are very dark and may indicate certain genetic syndrome. Ephelides are much lighter, they become visible during the summer and they are disappearing in the winter. They are usually light brown or red. Freckles are created on random locations, by the extreme sun exposure. These mustered pigment cells are very small and flat. They can group together, and in this situation they look a bit bigger.

Many treatments for the freckles advise chemicals such as liquid nitrogen (used to freeze the freckles), dermabrasion, acid peels, very strong retinols and ablative laser treatment. Two kinds of chemical peels are available. Deeper will remove the freckles fast but the recovery will be prolonged. The other kind is the superficial peel which will take quicker recovery time, but many treatments will have to be done in order to see positive results. Using chemical peels can induce skin damage and scars. Peel use can induce chemical rash, irritation or burns. A method of applying hydroxy acid can give results very frequently. But during the treatment, a patient has to avoid direct sun light. Even though they can produce a counter-effect, the bleaching agents are very popular. They can make the skin around the freckle darker or lighter. This will make the freckle more noticeable. But many people use this agent to make the skin color more similar to the color of the freckles.

As we stated, melanin causes freckles. Persons, who have a lot of melanin in the body, will easy develop freckles. Those are kids with light colored eyes and fair complexion, and also kids with light complexion. Another method of freckles removal is the use of topical application of Retin-A. For those who want results quickly, laser operation is the answer. Some preventive measures are available to ensure that freckles never appear. Use UV factor 30+, avoid tanning beds, wear a hat on sunny days, consult a doctor on items causing skin sensitivity, apply hydroquinone creams and try to remain in the house when sun is at the pinnacle. Several home remedies applied on the skin can help. Those are vegetable and fruit masks (made from strawberries, apricots or cucumbers), lemon juice, milk and sour cream. After the use, remove stated items using a facial tissue. Moisturizer can be applied afterwards, but see to use a chemical free moisturizer. Mix of lemon, red currant, parsley and orange juice and parsley infusion will make the freckles less noticeable.

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