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Hip pain can be caused usually bycouple of reasons; first is when people are involved in sports or in a hardwork activities, and in the process overusing their hips in physicalactivities, such as repeating movements, extensive and prolonged sitting, orrunning. Second one is bursitis, an inflammation of bursa sac (fluid filled sacthat cushions the frictions between bone, tendons and muscles in the joint).

Waste majority of people do notexercise enough, or watch what they eat. Those conditions are favorable to hipinjuries, and it can sometimes be very annoying and painful.

In that case you have hip pain problems, there are numberof things that you can do by yourself. Of course if the status of your injuryis serious you should consult your doctor. There are some special exercisesthat you should try, in order to either relieve your symptoms, or to preventhip injury to happen.

These are mostly stretchingexercises. You should do them once per day, in order to strengthen the musclesaround your hip, and increase your flexibility. One of these daily exercises isto lie down on the floor or a bed and to bend your knees up and down, turningslowly from side to side.

Other exercise may also be to lie down and stretch your legs while keepingthem firmly together. After that you can try to lift your knees one at a timeto your chest. These exercises are proving to be very beneficial to hipinjuries, but in case you have a problem with herniated disk, you shouldconsult your doctor first.

As for other thing that you cando by yourself regarding your hip problems, one of them is to try to use a caneor walking stick, until that time that your symptoms are diminished. You shouldpick a good walking cane that suits your height and build.

You should also lose allexcessive body weight. By regularly doing exercises and introducing a new,fresh diet, you can achieve this. Excessive body weight burdens unnecessaryyour joints and hips.

You can also try to apply heatpack on your sore spot. Electric blanket could help, too. And oddly enough, ifthat do not help, you should try exactly the opposite, the ice packs. Cold canreduce pain and swelling significantly.

When you make a certain moves,like getting out of the car, try to do that with both of your legs together outof a car. By rotating on your rear in those cases, instead of twisting yourpelvis, you can reduce the strain on your hips.

And also, you can always try theover the counter pain relieving medications. Some of them can be antiinflammatory, while others can be just for pain management. If in doubt aboutthat, consult your doctor.

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