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Swollen feet is a condition that can happen to anyone. It is very common among people. Swelling of your feet is painful, annoying and can stop you from doing everyday activities. Your feet can be swollen from numerous reasons. Arthritis is one of them. Joint inflammation accompanies arthritis. People who suffer from arthritis have swollen and painful joints and they move with difficulties.Their joints are often stiff. Redness can appear too.

Frostbite can also cause swollen feet. If you suffer from kidney malfunction or any kind of kidney disease you can experience swollen feet. Other illnesses that can also result in swollen feet are congestive heart failure, protein deficiency, cancer, sodium retention etc. You do not have to be seriously ill to have swollen feet. If you stand for long periods of time or if you are pregnant or experiencing PMS discomforts your feet can hurt and be swollen as well. Another cause for this unpleasant situation can be injury, oral contraceptives, low thyroid, anemia and potassium or vitamin B deficiency etc.

Common cause for swollen feet can be any type of allergy. If your feet are swollen you will feel irritated since you will not be able to walk around properly. You can experience pain as well. It is important to visit your physician in this situation since swollen feet can show that you have arthritis, nerve circulatory problem or some other serious or less serious condition. However, there are few home remedies that can ease this discomfort. You can massage you feet with hot and cold water. This will relax you, sooth your pain and reduce swelling. Water is very beneficial on feet.

You can soak your feet in warm water and massage it with oil or lotion afterwards. Other people can massage your feet for even bigger benefit. You can try stretching your feet. Any type of exercises for feet will help you . In order to prevent swollen feet do not wear high heels and choose shoes that are comfortable. You can regularly massage your feet with a mixture of lemon juice, cinnamon, olive oil, water and milk. Rice water is known to improve circulation and can be used as a prevention of swollen feet too.

Tea tree oil feet soak or lavender bubble baths followed by gentle foot massage will give you so much pleasure and will relieve your pain. Sandalwood oil can be used in foot massage. You can try the reflexology with a professional therapist to prevent swelling of your feet.

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