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Painful sensations in the joints can be triggered by various different types of underlying medical conditions and they can also be caused by a vast array of different sorts of injuries. Joint pain is medically referred to as arthralgia and it can affect one or more joints in the body simultaneously.

Causes of Join Pain

The most common causes of joint pain include sprains and injuries. Joint pain may also be associated with some underlying medical condition such as gout, tendonitis, bursitis, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Some people also experience joint pain induced by cold weather. If a person performs exercises in an improper manner, that may also lead to the development of joint pain. This especially goes for joints which are in charge of facilitating various types of movements because they are sensitive to excessive amounts of pressure. Joint pain is commonly accompanied by several other types of symptoms such as stiffness, redness and inflammatory conditions at the affected areas of the body. Joint pain may be associated with severely restricted movement, plenty of discomfort and severely reduced ability to indulge in daily activities. Fortunately enough there are some natural treatment options for all those who suffer from joint pain.

Natural Remedies for Joint Pain

One of the best natural remedies for painful sensations in the joints is Epsom salt. Two or three cups of it need to be added to hot bath and one just needs to soak the body in such bathwater. Epsom salt may also be mixed in with warm water and fresh lemon juice and used as an oral type of medication. Potatoes are also an excellent natural remedy for all those who suffer from joint pain. The potato just needs to be grated and soaked in a bowl of water during the night. One needs to drink the water which gets left after straining the potato. Apple cider vinegar, honey and water can also be used for the preparation of a drink that can be used for the same purposes. There are also some very potent natural herbal remedies which can be of great help when it comes to the treatment of joint pain. Among the most potent of them all are ginger and arnica which can be mixed in with ordinary everyday meals. Warm olive oil can be massaged into the affected areas of the body in order to provide excellent results. Camphor oil and sunflower oil can also be mixed in for similar purposes. Ice packs are the most commonly used natural remedy for those who suffer from joint pain. Heat packs can also be helpful to a certain extent.

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